Sample Cooler & Closed Sampling System
Sample Cooler
Sample coolers are miniature heat exchangers designed to reduce high temperature liquid samples to safe, usable temperature for analysis. They are designed to meet sampling requirement of today’s highly efficient power plants. These coolers are compact yet more effective in terms of heat extraction capacity. Very close approach temperature with minimal cooling water requirement. A complete single piece coil assures trouble free operations with no risk of failure of joints inside the shell.

Sample Coil
MOC: A 213 TP 316
Design pressure: 150kg/cm2
Design Temperature: Max 550 °C
Tube size: 3/4' OD x 14 BWG

MOC:SA 106 GR. B, Galvanized
Design pressure :-ATM
Size : 12"NB Sch 40

Kinam has supplied various sample coolers to Reliance Industries, IOCL, GSFC, Aditya Birla Chemicals, etc.

Closed Sampling System
Kinam's closed sampling system provides petroleum refineries, chemical plants, and other processing facilities with a safe mean of drawing representative samples directly from process steams.
Designed to handle a wide variety of gases, toxic fluids, light and medium distillated, and high pressure liquid and gases, each closed sampling system is configured to match the operating parameters of individual applications.
Closed sampling apparatus can be used for collecting samples of final as well as intermediate products for laboratory analysis.
The main feature for the above system is that sample is collected in a closed sampling bottle without disturbing the running process.
The above system can collect a sample of Gas, Toxic Liquid or High Vapour pressure liquid for analysis without disturbing the process cycle.
The system is provided with a strainer to ensure elimination of unwanted foreign particles. Pressure gauge indicated the pressure of sample collected.
The system is easy to operate with the help of quick coupling and flexible hose provided in the system.
» 1500 PSI maximum design pressure.
» 150°F maximum tempaerature.
» 500cc sample cylinder.
» Material of construction: Type 304 or 316 stainless steel.
» All welded assembly except for pressure gauges, flexible hose & disconnects.
» ¾ - inch RF flanged inlet, outlet & vent.

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