Corrugated Tube heat Exchanger - Introduction Downlaod Catalogue
Why Corrugated Tubes?
Multi Sector Applications
Why corrugated tubes ?
» Higher heat transfer co-efficient: Corrugated tubes increase the turbulence in the flow that enables a more
   effective mixing and agitation that generates a higher heat transfer coefficient compared to smooth tubes at the same    conditions. In many cases, the heat transfer co-efficient is almost doubled.
» Compact heat exchanger. The heat transfer area of corrugated tube heat exchanger is 30% to 50% less than plain tube heat    exchanger (% depends on case to case design)
» Economical: The cost of Corrugated tube heat exchanger is 25% To 50% less than the cost of a plain tube heat exchanger
   for the same duty. When exotic materials are used significant savings can be made on the overall cost of the unit.
» Reduced Fouling: Corrugation carries a self cleaning effect that reduces fouling on the tube surface. Less fouling means    smaller heat exchanger and longer production cycles.
» Low maintenance & operating cost.
» Small product and service hold up volumes due to the compact size of the Heat Exchanger.
» Longer running times without stopping for cleaning. Higher response to CIP cleaning.
» Homogenous Thermal treatment due to the mixing capacity.
» Smaller footprint due to CHTE’S smaller sizes.
» Food products processed by CTHE’S retain most of their natural properties & vitamins because the heat transfer
   process is faster and so the products is suitable to heat for less time.
» Efficient: In condensing applications, CTHE’s are more efficient than the plain tube heat exchanger. The thin film formed over    the tube by the condensing vapors breaks off due to the corrugation there by exposing fresh surface of the tube for heat    transfer, hence making them more efficient.
» Versatile: CTHE’s are versatile since they are able to process different products in the same installation.
» Wide range of Material of Construction.
Corrugated Tube Heat Exchanger can be used in following process:
» Heater
» Cooler
» Heat regenerator
» Condenser
» Recuperator
» Re-melter
» Evaporator
» Reboiler
» Pasteurizer
RE-Tubing with Corrugated Tubes
Increase the thermal efficiency of your existing old plain tube heat exchanger by re-tubing with corrugated tubes.
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